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BANG Muay Thai Kickboxing

  • Michigan’s only BANG Muay Thai Affiliate
  • Duane “BANG” Ludwig’s Career
    • ​2013 & 2014 UFC Coach of the Year
    • K-1 MAX Champion
    • Fastest knockout in UFC History
    • Coach to UFC Champ TJ Dillashaw
  • Regular seminars with Professor Duane Ludwig
  • Unique Belt System
  • An unbelievable team atmosphere
  • We provide a clean, comfortable training environment
  • Convenient location
  • Over 1,600 square feet of Zebra Mat space
  • Unparalleled personal attention and guidance
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Why BANG Muay Thai Kickboxing?

Come learn the striking system that is taking the combat sports world by storm! Duane “BANG” Ludwig’s BANG Muay Thai is a fusion of traditional Muay Thai and Western Boxing otherwise known as “Dutch Kickboxing.” Professor Ludwig has truly taking the art of striking to the next level, and now you can learn his system too.

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